Yes, another blog. But this time with a specific reason. It is difficult to keep track of the many sources there are on the Internet and to tell a complete story. Therefor I feel the need to make a place to sum up the many activities and present you an overview of what I have done and how it all fits together.

I have been active in the electronic world for quite some decades. Started to learn to work with computers in the 70-ies,  teaching new generations to use these computers and to communicate with others with them. In the 90-ies experimenting with the first websites, then blogs, and with the new millenium even starting to experiment with social networks and use them to communicate on a global scale.

A new generation accepts that there is Internet; I have seen all the small changes and used in a creative way theze changes to explore the world a bit more.

Not sure what this blog will be after a few years. But it is meant to publish a few of my memories and not to copy and past things from the past.

Ruud Janssen, April 2nd 2017


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