The Digital Human Being

The drawings I make the last years have a larger line and deal with quite a specific subject. How the Human Beings are building their digital world, and with that also change their behaviour.

The drawings mostly show cartoonlike persons that are interconnected with digital aspects of our life where sometimes things seem to work, and sometimes the quistions that arrise are obviously there.

The drawings are mostly made in the weekends when I have some free time. It takes a few sessions to get them ready. Indian ink and St. Petersburg watercolours is what I use. Normaly on 120 g/m2 paper. Sometimes also 300 g/m2 paper when I want to use several layers.

I always scan the results and use them in my digital communication and world wide web activities. Also I print some of them and use them as writing paper. Lately also interest from the artworld, and for a second time one drawing will be printed in a book. Always feels good to get some recognition on your work.


This is just one of the drawings. Access the complete portfolio to have a glimpse of the collection.



3 thoughts on “The Digital Human Being

  1. My work is a lot more of a mess than yours.
    I don’t save it in general, not for a lifelong archive or anything. I post it and leave a footprint but I’ve deleted almost entire collections of work twice now and plan to do it again in the future.

    Where is your archive of these drawings?


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