To test a new website is the start of getting visitors. This fourth posting of a blog here is done just after placing two small notes on two networks with in it the link to this new website. On Facebook at:  and at the mail website http:/ . So we will see if the statistics start to count and what new visitors think of this undertaking.

The making of these links with the existing network is waht networking is all about. It used to be like that before the Internet was there (that was 1993 with the http-protocols available for the public)

The essence is today that the whole world with acces to Internet is documenting their lives in digital form as well. Texts, Messages, Photos, Videos, and place them on all kind of networks that larger firms offer. facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Google+, just choose a place and publish. The larger firms use it to interconnect you, but also give a bit of sdvertising to that too. That is how they get rich. Some even very rich.

That isn’t my point of focus. I am more interested in what happens with all that Data. Can you still find things if you want too. Is it too much for an individual. Or are the larger firms blocking us out from our interests and guiding us to their commercial sources to gain more income. That is my thought right now. How can I find the things I realy want to know, and how do I filter out the things others want me to know but actually hide the main topics.


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