New Book IUOMA 1988-2018

The making of the new book IUOMA 1988-2018 (worktitle) is now in progress. Already 8 authors have sent in their texts and more will be added.

Instructions for authors for “the book for IUOMA 1988-2018” (work title)

1. Please send your concepts in a Word-file. Other formats can be accepted when they are accessible (no scan’s or PDF please). Prefered are new texts on the subjects Mail Art, Networking, Experience with IUOMA, Changes in the Network, Digital work in the Current times, etc….

2. Deadline for the final versions is 30 September 2017. So send you concepts earlier so they can be checked and proofread. After this deadline no new texts will be added.

3. Only topics that fit the complete line of the book van be added to the final book. Please ask in advance whether a topic is relevant or not. Don’t want to have too many articles on same subjects. Subjects should deal with IUOMA, Networking, Mail-art, Communication and Art, Mail-Art in the Digital times, History and future of the Mail-Art Network, etc…

4. Texts should be sent in English language. Several pages and may include a few illustrations too. Minimal 2 pages, maximal 20 pages for an in-dept article.

5. Book will be printed through LuLu with an ISBN number and softcover and hardcover version. Colour cover, inside will be B&W. 6. Free PDF-version will be available for all authors. Unfortunately, there are no funds to send hardcopy versions to the authors.

So if you want to take part in this book, just let me know at r.janssen [at]


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