We are all publishing, but who is reading?

With the computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets, a lot of us are online all the time. We make photos, write texts, and stream videos. So much digital information is being produced that everybody is sending, but not that many are receiving these days.

As an ‘oldie’ in computerland I’ve seen it all pass. The first e-mails though BBS-systems, the first online magazines you could acces through a modem, then the PC’s, The Internet went accesible through the HTTP-protocols, and in the 90-ies the first websites were build. This new century the blogs came, the social media emmerged, and we grew to this online presence of all of us.

And there we are, everybody writing his/her stories and thinking others are interested in it all. Is that at all true? Are we interested in what others say and share or have we become more interested in what we share with others and if we have enough likes, shares and views…….?

In the Mail-Art network all was interesting because it was a one-to-one communication. The sender and the receiver. That still is the bottom line. If I sent, and there is a receiver, the messages only came accross when the receiver becomes a sender with a reply, and a dialog has started or takes place. On Internet, that is sometimes missing.

It also explains the success of facebook over the years. The communication is made easy, the posting (like sharing memories) sometimes automated, and we believe that there actually is a dialog although we know over 5% of the Profiles are Fake. Also there is the Fake news, the fake reactions, the mobing, and so many more things that happen on the social media.

2017-04-25 16.26.58

Time for a good dialog is missing. So we need to take more time for the individual. That is the basic idea of living.


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