Facts for the Mail-Art network to deal with….

  1. The Postage Rates have gone up big time the last years. Postage has become a luxury. You can hardly afford larger postal sendings abroad.
  2. Communication goes more and more in digital form. The new generation does things electronically. Messages can be sent out for free if you have a subscription on your smartphone.
  3. The Postal Office is vanishing. Less places to buy your postage stamps (are there any, or is it now stickers?), less Postal Office buildings, Less Mailboxes to leave your mail in……. The system of sending out mail seems to vanish out of our lives.
  4. The social media are the networks most people play on these days. The postal system seems the slower and outdated component in our choice for communication.

Yes, I still send out envelopes now and then, but the digital communication has taken over most of our lives. Will it even more increase, is there a way back? The future will tell.

At the college I work we also changed things to digital systems. Most is in the system and not on paper. The new generation learns to access systems instead of writing on paper.


It all happened quicker then we imagined. I am now typing this message. Soon I will be talking to my computer to write the lines digitally. Voice control is the next step. But only if the new generation embraces the technology. They decide. The old generation likes the things to stay the same, but that has never been the case with every new generation that changes the world a bit again.


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