As a child you discover the world. When you reach 15-17 you can really start to research, but you don’t realy grasp all the connections. I know I loved art and poetry, but also the concepts of mathematics and physics.

So decided to study physics at the age of 17 and never regreted this step. Also combined it with mathematics, and somehow the whole computerscene and developements made it possible to do even more. So here we are, in the modern computer days where you can discover all you need if you learn to observe and make the right clicks.

Discovering ‘pataphysics is one of the findings. Suddenly you see the larger lines where science and logic don’t always bring what you were looking for.

2017-05-20 07.12.35

The research goes further and you discover the books, the websites, and the interest grows. As a networker you discover you are not alone, and the first contacts were made. And before you know it you are involved on a deaper level and see all the interconnections. The learning process really starts when you understand the concept. If you don’t, there is no logic to make the connections when you aren’t open and creative.

So it seems the start of IUOMA is also connected. You don’t have to be aware of the larger picture to be part of that larger picture. But in the end all fits togeher, and that is a wonderful thought.

2017-05-20 07.13.18

And the search continues and it is just a pity a life hasn’t enough years to make it even more complete, but tha larger line is that others find the same and move it further just another step. The essence of being creative is to add something to the things that already exist. That is something else then copying the things you find.

It isn’t always easy, but when you have started there isn’t even a stop or break. New things come every day, when you just observe and make new connections in the fascinating world.

2017-05-20 07.13.04

And indeed, the next step is to document what you discover and add something to it. Someone will find it and will move on with it. Also plenty of others that don’t get it. But that isn’t important. I am not writing things down for those.

The inter-connection of things is what is so fascinating for me. All is connected, even when we don’t see the logic behind it.

Ruud, May 20th 2017



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