Latest News

Overview of the latest news in connection to my work.

25 February 2018

A few new postings on the blog and also I created an overview of all the digital places I work these days: You can go there and view all websites I work on or have my materials.

29 April 2017

some more blog postings on Networking subjects are posted. I normally also place a link on a few Facebook groups so people know the new addition has been made. Also the Blog already has a few subscribers, so they get an automated e-mail when there is a new posting. The first month of the new blog went well.

10 April 2017

More blog postings are published on specific themes. I noticed that the new website is already indexed by Google, so it will now gradually become one of the information sites I have online.

5 April 2017

Statistics show that the visitors start coming in. Today wrote an new short article on a specific subject also connected to what I call the 6th generation of Mail-Artists.

Overview of the first statistics of the new website (click on image to enlarge):

Schermafdruk 2017-04-05 18.16.17

3 April 2017

Google Analytics is integrated with the new website. Also the link is published on some groups in Facebook, so the first visitors and comments have arrived already. For the coming days some new articles are planned to be written here.

2 April 2017

This WordPress website started in April 2017 and needs some time to be completely filled in. You can read and see yourself how that works since over the time more and more content will be added to this website. Because I already have lots of websites online, I will only add new views to this website and link to places that already exist online.

This page with Latest News I added so you can see what new items were posted on the website. The stucture is globally complete now, and the content will start to grow along with the content I publish on other places. First 3 blogs are added already and the biography is updated and added and also some links to the other places I work.

1 April 2017

Start of the building of the structure of the website. Not live yet, but first content is being set for visitors